Book and Paper Conservator, Book Binder, Printmaker,  & Papermaker


  • Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University 2015 – 2019, with emphasis in Bookbinding, Printmaking, and Letterpress
  • Minored in Art History, with an emphasis in the History of the Book, 42 credit hours


  • Brigham Young University, Harold B. Lee Library, L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Conservation Lab, 2016-2019
    • 1700+ hours
    • 750+ items repaired from special collections
  • Bookbinding since 1993
  • Paper-making since 1994

A little more about me.

I started bookbinding when, as a teenager, I had borrowed a book from the library, it was old and in bad shape, I could see into the guts of the book. I don’t remember what made me think I could make a book, but I decided I wanted to try. I got a few pieces of paper and made a few signatures, borrowed a needle and thread from my mom and found the thickest cardboard I could at home. As I set out to make the book, I remember feeling a little daunted by the task ahead, but I also felt like if others before me had done it, I could do it too.

My first few books were terrible, but each time I made a book it, it would get better. After high school I decided to start a business, I made books of all kinds to sell. I got my “big break” when I was accepted to be a participant in the Utah Arts Festival.

Many people ask me what the name “Leaf” means and why I include it in my name. It is not my real name, but one I’ve adopted. Leaves and trees have special meaning to me in my life, they were the key to realizing that God loves me and is aware of me. Therefore, I have made it my artist name so that I always remember that special relationship that I have with Him. Nature has very much influenced my work, you’ll see its affects in my prints and books. I love to be out in the natural world, learning and exploring.

My desire to learn, took me back to school at a later age when all of my kids were in school. Through my degree and in Brigham Young University’s Conservation Lab of the Harold B. Lee library I really learned the proper way of making a book.

More recently, I have enjoyed learning the history of the book or how books were made throughout history. I’ve now been making books for 20+ years and loving it!

Books… I love them, I read them, I make them, I heal them.

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